Afghan Rock Group: Establishment in 2006, has rapidly expanded in terms of its capacity, size and scope. We have played a significant role as a transport contractor through providing over 1400 full-time personnel, over 650 vehicles and renting out our fleet vehicles.

Fuel Services..

Afghan Rock Fuel Company Provides services in different government and non-government organizations projects at the local level. Due to its worth work and dedication to brilliance the company was recognized and rightly encouraged by its valued clients.

(No limit category) in the name of the Afghan Rock Fuel  Company The intention of the Companyis to take an on and go role in the Transport of the country and make available job opportunities to the most vulnerable persons all the way through the performance of various kinds of Transportation, Logistics and Fuel supply projects.

Afghan Rock Fuel Company value we offer our clients comes through a combination of our strong technical skills across many disciplines, our thorough knowledge of the company and our global network. We supply wide range of Fuel pipelines that is used to transport fuel, oil, gasoline, or other liquid fuels. Fuel is unloaded through pipelines from the tankers to storage tanks, and loaded onto small vessels such as barges for further transport. We provide fuel services all over in Afghanistan. This precaution is taken to prevent leakage as well as damage of pipeline from harsh weather. We offer wide range of fuel services which is basically used to transfer various type of fuel. Further these are resistant to corrosion and leakage.

Afghan Rock Fuel Companyin support of these initiatives Afghan Rock Fuel Company has upgraded its capabilities to move fuel across the battlefield by acquiring 20ft and 40ft fuel trucks that carry 10-12K gallons each. Afghan Rock Fuel Company constantly look for ways to support a free Afghanistan.  We are committed to the ideals of democracy and a job well done.

Afghan Rock Fuel Companyhas ability to supply fuel in every province and district of Afghanistan.

The equipment upgrade of 20ft and 40ft fuel trucks will enable the Army and other organization to move an over 200K of fuel.Afghan Rock Fuel Companyhas ability to move a big quantity of fuel from one province to other provinces of Afghanistan.

Afghan Rock Fuel CompanyDesign, develop, manufacture, install and service a complete range of fuel management systems and fuel storage tanks, we also provide a complete and comprehensive service to the commercial transport industry. We can supply you’re all equipment’s to your Camps, FOB, and your destinations where you want to supply your equipment.

About Us

About Us

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