Afghan Rock Group: Establishment in 2006, has rapidly expanded in terms of its capacity, size and scope. We have played a significant role as a transport contractor through providing over 1400 full-time personnel, over 650 vehicles and renting out our fleet vehicles.

Vehicle Maintenance Support..

Possibly the most important aspect of a successful ground transportation business is the ability to keep every vehicle on the road as consistently as possible. This not only guarantees the ability to perform, but ensures the safety of the drivers and keeps recurring overhead costs to a minimum.

The Afghan Rock Group  maintenance Team support framework is both extensive and well-trained. With 15 mechanics in seven (3) maintenance shops across the country in Kabul, Herat, Balkh, we use years of technical expertise and the best equipment available to ensure our fleet remains safe, capable, and ready to accommodate our clients at all times.

Transportation & Cargo Logistics

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