Afghan Rock Group: Establishment in 2006, has rapidly expanded in terms of its capacity, size and scope. We have played a significant role as a transport contractor through providing over 1400 full-time personnel, over 650 vehicles and renting out our fleet vehicles.


We have successfully accomplished the following projects

  1. Supreme Food Services- Trucking- in pursued of U.S and NATO military contracts
  2. Connex Shipment in pursued of U.S and NATO military contracts
  3. Fuel, Food and other necessary Shipment in purued of U.S and NATO military contracts
  4. Food Transportation Kabul Outbound-SUP-2013-0251 Nawrwas Logistic Services 
  5. Food Transportation Services For Supreme Food Services Company  SUP-2011-0026
    Outbound Bagram AAFES-SPV Jeewa Group Of Companies
  6. Fuel Transportation Ahmad Yar Group 
  7. Fuel Transportation Services Afghan Karwan International Transportation 
  8. Vehicle lease/Rent Rental FM-Group008 Faisal Mohammadi Group Of Companies 
  9. Fuel Purchase Ahmad Yar Group 
  10. Supply And Delivery Of Laptops And CPUs UNOPS/UNMACA-AFG-RFQ-006-2015
  11. Purchase And Delivery Of Top Up Cards UNOPS/UNMACA 

We have completed the above mentioned tasks with our client’s satisfaction, in a timely fashion and with a refreshing amount of enthusiasm.

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