Afghan Rock Group: Establishment in 2006, has rapidly expanded in terms of its capacity, size and scope. We have played a significant role as a transport contractor through providing over 1400 full-time personnel, over 650 vehicles and renting out our fleet vehicles.

Ground Transportation..

Wheeled transport services comprise a major part of the Afghan rock group Company Our extensive fleet of vehicles enables us to transport both perishable and non-perishable cargo, from small parcels up to containers and oversized equipment (including other trucks as well as military and construction vehicles), anywhere within our service range.

As of early 2012, the Afghan Rock Group Company Corp fleet includes all of the following:
 (100) 20-foot FTB
 (50) 40-foot FTB
 (10) 20-foot Lowboys
 (10) 30-foot Lowboys
 (30) 40-foot Lowboys
 (3) 40-foot Super Lowboys
 (100) 20-foot Fuel Trucks
 (50) 40-foot Fuel Trucks
 (50) Freezer/Reefer Trucks
Immaculately maintained and custom-tailored for performance and driver preference, Afghan Rock Group trucks are purchased with repair and replacement in mind: given the harsh environment of the Afghan countryside and the relative unavailability of new parts in-country, it is important to keep every vehicle running for as long as possible.

For this reason, every type of Afghan Rock Group Corp truck consists of similar makes and models, not only to facilitate easier parts procurement, but also to ensure drivers can switch vehicles at a moment’s notice without having to relearn controls or adjust their driving habits.

About Us

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