Afghan Rock Group: Establishment in 2006, has rapidly expanded in terms of its capacity, size and scope. We have played a significant role as a transport contractor through providing over 1400 full-time personnel, over 650 vehicles and renting out our fleet vehicles.

Container Transport & Storage..

Afghan Rock Group moves and stores dozens of storage containers every day. We retain ownership of these containers largely due to the level of control ownership affords us – we have unfettered access to each one and are thus fully accountable to our clients in their use – and our secure storage yards provide the perfect environment in which to store and guard them.

Our inventory consists of one five hundred and ninety five (595) 20-foot containers,  40-foot containers, and twenty-five (25) 20-foot HMMWV containers, all of which remain quickly secured and guarded at all times.

Personnel and Experience
All Afghan Rock Group personnel, from the executive and management staff to our drivers, mechanics, logistics personnel, and administrative staff, have a wealth of individual experience in their respective departments. Each driver has a minimum of five (5) years of direct on-the-road experience; Logistics personnel, three (3) years; and management, seven(7) years.

The technical expertise and teamwork displayed every day by these professionals cannot be overstated: not only does it provide Afghan Rock Group with a streamlined, efficient operation, it raises us above our competition by virtue of the intangibles we gain from their efforts – such as an innate knowledge of how to perform, whom to approach with questions, or how to handle situations without causing delays or customer service issues.

Drivers at the ready

Further, Afghan Rock Group staff perform their duties through a well-established framework of rules and guidelines designed to increase efficiency, reduce redundancy, and mitigate risk – another extension of their natural talents that results in a habitual proficiency for doing things properly, all the time, every time.

Transportation & Cargo Logistics

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